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    No guys, I need to stop and talk about something in this movie and how fucking revolutionary it was; something that I haven’t seen in a movie before or since.

    This is a movie about a kid who leaves her birth family.

    Not a kid who find that they have a secret lineage or something that allows them to find their ‘true family’ - this is a movie about a kid whose true birth family is made up of bad people. So she gets out. And that is played as the right thing to do. She isn’t punished for it or made to feel bad about ‘abandoning her family’. There isn’t an underlying ‘but they’re your family and you have to love them’ or ‘they’re your family and they love you even if they don’t show it well or do hurtful things’ message of the kind that I see OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER in media. Matilda gets out and lives happily ever after because of it.

    We need a million more movies like this to counter the metric shit ton of movies that directly counter this message.

     #sometimes the family you start with isn’t a good one #but you can find your own #family is not absolute #blood is not absolute

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    hey friend

    dont kill yourself tonight ok

    you have a really pretty smile and i know its not always easy to manage one but itd be a bummer if we never had the chance to see it ever again

    youre really important and you matter a lot so stay safe and try and have a nice sleep

    I would like a moment to thank the people who reblog post like this so that it eventually shows on my dash.

    It is keeping me alive

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    Stranger: “Who’s your favorite Youtuber?”



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    Grace Helbig, making our punk edits come to life since July 2014.


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    • me as a pedestrian: [catwalks slowly across street as 90 cars pile up behind each other trying to turn; throws modelesque glance backwards over designer shades] [car inches into crosswalk] HOW DARE YOU COME WITHIN FIVE FEET OF ME!? I HAVE THE FUCKING RIGHT OF WAY??? SEE YOU IN COURT YOU CAPITALIST, PLANET-DESTROYING SCUM
    • me driving: say your prayers
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  • 'This took a turn'

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  • noooooooooo
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    that was beautiful

    I feel like Swike should hear this.

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    You have watched at least 20 Disney movies.
    You have watched at least 40 Disney movies.
    You don’t eat dairy.
    You work best at night time.
    You take a selfie almost every day.
    You laugh at the end of your sentences.
    You wink at people.
    You hate being tickled.
    You want to travel the world in a boat.
    You want to travel the world in a hippie wagon.
    Your hair is fluffy.
    Your hair is sleak.
    Your hair is an artificial colour.
    You get takeout at least once per week.
    You dislike the general public.
    You have been caught sleepwalking.
    You sleep with a plushie.
    You have eaten an entire block of cheese in one sitting.
    You have eaten a red hot chilli pepper.
    You draw hearts on top of your i’s.
    You have watched an episode of My Little Pony.
    You have a crush on someone who knows you.
    You keep plants in your room.
    You collect music CDs.
    You take vitamin supplements.
    You read mostly non-fiction.
    You go on Tumblr every day without fail.
    You have published a YouTube video.
    You have a fandom blog.
    You have eaten Pocky.
    You can play the cello.
    You can play the harp.
    You prefer vampires to zombies.
    You prefer zombies to vampires.
    You have been described as naive.
    You have been described as suspicious.
    You have had a stalker.
    You liked going to school.
    You have a pear-shaped body.
    You have an apple-shaped body.
    You have sensitive teeth.
    You like your job.
    You have a slow internet connection.
    Your phone is not a touch phone.
    You are the dominant one in the relationship.
    You like watercolour painting.
    You like playing the drums.
    You are scared of loud noises.
    You eat food in your bed.
    You are shy but not quiet.
    You are quiet but not shy.
    You plan a lot of parties.
    You have an alter ego.
    You are good with money.
    You are afraid of intimacy.
    You normally have dinner after 8pm.
    You normally wear high heels.
    You have been grounded more than once.
    You have never seen Shrek.
    You have won a trophy.
    Your favourite ice cream flavour is mint.
    Your favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla.
    Your favourite ice cream flavour is strawberry.
    You are good at sports.
    You have a skin care routine.
    You are a D-cup or larger.
    You have long legs and arms.
    You add ketchup to everything.
    You have an anime figurine.
    You have danced and not cared who saw it.
    You want to go into outer space.
    You want to rule the world.
    You constantly hurt somewhere.
    You are scared of mice.
    You are scared of horses.
    You are scared of butterflies.
    You have one or more moles on your face.
    You are good with children.
    You have learning difficulties.
    You drink at least 7 pints of water per day.
    You want to be a singer in a band.
    You have bought a frame for a special picture.
    Your favourite Disney Princess isn’t Belle, Ariel or Rapunzel.
    You prefer to watch than participate.
    You have dark skin.
    You have dated 5 or more people.
    You have been told you are a cool person.
    You have been told you are a scary person.
    You are doing this post because you are bored.

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    Let me be your companion 


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  • I see you Helbig, reusing old jokes

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